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Mobile life 2

When I wrote the other article couple of weeks before, I start the mobile journey with one disadvantage: I started with the thought that my iPad will do all that my laptop does, which is not correct. There are many things you cannot do on iPad, so it’s wrong to start with this idea.

So, I will start with the new thought, my iPad Pro will cover my entire mobile work/personal productivity life. He will not replace my laptop, it is impossible, but I will start reviewing again my workflow and apply that to my iPad. And I’m saying will because right now I still carry my laptop.

I’m not expecting to cover all technical operations, but I need to figure it out how to do that by remote operation on a virtual machine, which is also running now, on my laptop. I need to mention that I’m working on Microsoft environment, like most of the companies in Romania, so I’m forced to remote my work on a virtual machine mentioned before.

Let’s cover in this article the usual flow of information on our lives, like email, notes, surfing the web, etc…

So, this is the easiest part, taking into consideration that, new iOS 11, now, covers more than that, so everybody knows that you can easily send emails, and the best application, for me at least, is Microsoft Outlook. I suggest to install and run this app if you want to keep separate work and personal email. Personal email can be handled by Mail app from Apple if you are running also the email address from them (e.g. iCloud account). If you are an all in one person, Microsoft out can run all the email account that you have, like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, any Exchange server, also a personal domain.

In order to keep our busy lives in order we are using, most of us, calendar(s). You can have your calendar managed by Microsoft Outlook app, but also with the Calendar app from Apple. But, always I will have a but, I may suggest another calendar app, called Fantastical 2, which is Amazing, really amazing. I don’t want to explain here, maybe in a later article about this app. I have it and I’m using it, daily, for my meetings/tasks.

If you install Fantastical 2 on your iPad, your daily task can be managed directly from that app, so no need for Reminder app from Apple, which is by the way, good enough for most of the tasks (business or personal). But if you. Have more complex tasks to manage I suggest to buy another good app that I have tested called Omnifocus, most of the business people are using this app which is more complex and also complicated for personal tasks only.

Changing the view I would like one last flow to cover, notes, which is very important for our busy days when we have no time to note everything and we are forgetting things so quickly. With iOS 11 Apple gives us a new Notes app which is very good for a paperless office or house. I suggest using for a couple of weeks then I may suggest to install and use another one which is multi-platform, called OneNote from Microsoft. Amazing app, working flawlessly on iPad, combined also with Apple pen is the complete note-taking app in use right now. You can have some videos on Youtube about how to use OneNote on iPad, but not only.

I think the winners here are:

I will continue to work on my iPad only, and I will keep you informed about the transition to “Only iPad life”.

If you need more suggestions or even business help with IT environment setup you know how to find me, for sure!

Glad to get your comments on social media down here!

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