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Windows vs Mac OSX

Taking into consideration my work related project I said to give a try for my second (work) laptop, running windows 10 (last working build).

I just wanna say that: this is not a technical comparison between those two.

So, trying to enroll my windows PC into the work project I discover an incompatibility and decide to restore it to default and start fresh a new Windows OS, then try again.

Starting the cleaning operation and restoring the OS yesterday morning business day. Today after 6 hours sleep the computer is not ready to start the business operation (24+).

I don’t know what is wrong, I did only what is asking me to do, installing the OS and start updating to the latest patch.

Still, this time is doing updating. I would like to mention that this computer is top config. In his business mobility travel PC, whit i7 processor, 16gb of RAM and 512 GB of RAM. So, I like it very much, it is a nice laptop designed for mobility and for business is way ahead of my MacBookPro which has the same configuration.

As a small comparison, I did same operations on MacBookPro a few months ago and is ready to work in maximum 3 hours if I remember correctly (with all software installed to run my business operations).

My dear Microsoft “friends”, I know that you are in the process of transforming your business, I also know that your company is performing well in various fields, but (always is a… but) you are so damn lucky. Lucky because Apple didn’t sell his software to another hardware partners, lucky because your office suite is running so well on windows OS and everybody is using from the beginning of time, lucky because Apple hardware is damn so expensive.

Your Windows OS is crap, even if you can do a lot more on a Mac OSX computer, the difference between those two is that Mac OSX “… just works”!

Sorry to say but my decision is to use my lovely easy to runs and just works computer and doing my business on virtual machines. And, btw is not HyperV is VMWare!

Goodbye Windows 10 on PC, welcome Windows 10 on a Virtual machine on Mac OSX.

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