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Story of December

I decide to write this article in English, I hope is not a bad idea, taking into consideration that entire blog is based on the Romanian language, but I can explain. I have linked my blog to the Medium network so all my articles will be posted automatically on Medium. This is the main reason. The second one is about the story, everybody should read this short story.

It happened one week before Christmas when I decide to go in a small holiday, just me and my little princess. We chose Lisboa, Portugal as our destination, so we start packing.

Lisboa is a very interesting city, and how we discover last day very intense one. In my stupidity, I left everything (all our devices, passports, money, all other papers) that we are carrying (one small backpack), inside this one.

Only 2 items have not been placed there, my iPhone and 10 euros. So the backpack has been stolen in the middle of last day lunch and when I realize this the whole world collapse.
Imagine me with my little princess in a big city without papers and money.

Only imagine… then try to realize that it can happen to you too. Only 3 chances saved me, and I will list them below in the order of priority:
1. my iPhone
2. Uber
3. Romanian embassy

All these 3 helped me to go back, safe, home. and I will explain
1. my iPhone; good that I’m a small technology freak so I’m keeping my iPhone all the time in my hand, or in front of my eyes, or in the most precious pocket on my wearing, therefore I had the help of technology to go through all the issues caused by the stolen backpack;
2. Uber; God (and all my friends), know how much I like to move with this amazing company, so without any cash, with my Uber account I was able to move in Lisboa to solve all the paper issues, and also to go back to airport;
3. Romanian embassy; on my iPhone I found the embassy address and emergency number, and I was able to find a helpful person, who helped us to gain traveling back home papers, in time for our night flight;

On the same night, on the flight chair, I was thinking about how I could handle the situation on time for our flight home… without my iPhone… and I realize that technology is not always bad, right?

There are a lot of other bad or scary stories out there, but mine is a lesson. A lesson who can help others, maybe, to put technology at work not only entertaining…

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