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First one

I cannot remember how many times I start a blog on this domain. 5 to 10 times…

Right now, I’m changing the theme and the content in it. And, I think it is the time to talk about experiences. By any kind…

This year it is the first year when I start looking deeply into my life, into our lives and ask if what we are doing is right. Right from all points of view. It is not about what (or not) we have, it is about us. Not only me and my family, but all of us.

For this reason I want everybody to join my endeavour to… simple things. I want to share my experiences with you, and you to share back. We can do it here on comments or we can talk on other “gazillions” communication networks that we, all, share together.

Are YOU in?

Glad to get your comments on social media down here!

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